About us

Wings to Fly is an English Program located in the Jardins area of São Paulo. The course is geared specifically to toddlers and preschoolers where, during a daily four hour period children play and learn in a totally immersed English speaking environment.

Through scheduled periods devoted to age appropriate activities such as snack, arts, computer, playground, music, etc., your child is introduced to the English language and positively challenging learning situations. These activities will naturally stimulate concentration and cognitive skills, fine and gross motor coordination and all that is necessary for our toddlers to develop into healthy and well prepared children. Small classes with the constant presence of highly trained professionals guarantee that your child receives a quality education.

Children are accepted into our program from the moment they start walking.

Rua Mariana Correia, 52 - Jardim Paulistano - CEP: 01444-000 - São Paulo/SP - (11) 3062-6517 | (11) 3083-6592
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